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Illhami aka Lamie SOC
Latest entry:Cuti Sekolah - March 2013
Lawatan Mama & Kimie ke KL. View this Fotopage entry
Puteri Gee Ilhan Yusuf
Latest entry:Our new home See you there - 1 January 2010 View this Fotopage entry
..and you too!
Wawasan Ali Noor
Latest entry:Wedding Saudah & Suhaimy
Congratulation to Saudah & Husban!!! Selamat Pengantin Baru View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Bandung & Jakarta
Bandung & Jakarta trip Who: Me, Jo & Dania, Jie & OI, Erma & An, Esah When: 5 - 10 March 09 Fly with: AirAsia & MAS Lodging: Royal Dago Hotel (Bandung) & Grand Tropic Suite (Jakarta) Verdict: Awesome holiday!!! Damage: Considered it as forgive and forget LOL View this Fotopage entry
farewell all..we have to this again!!!
Nik Noraini Nik Farid
Latest entry:First Time
First movie for both N&N : Pengembaraan Gang..ada Upin Ipin tu yg excited nak gi tgk tu... Thanks to babysitter, Aunty iffah..mujur anak2 saya baik kan..ehehe LOL View this Fotopage entry
fathinz cantiQue beautiful weddings
Latest entry:MOVED
dear all, WE HAVE A NEW BLOG !! WE HAVE A NEW BLOG !! WE HAVE A NEW BLOG !! WEDDING : FATHINZ PERSONAL BLOG : BELOVED AL RAYYAN : see u there..!! ;-) View this Fotopage entry
kan dah kena rintik kat al rayyan..~
Hazlin Hashim
Latest entry:Handy Manny Handy Dady..
so they said anwar's gona tople the govt today.. so far 16th sept is almost over and nothing happen pun... well, we just wait and see.. and not stop praying that ALLAH keep showering us all in Msia with his blessings, regardless of who's governing the country.. jangan sampai ALLAH murka and turunkan bala and kite jadi macam Bosnia.. wake up people!! anyway, just to update those fans of my fotopages out there (ceh.. mcm ramai.. bole kira dgn jari daa.. LOL ), we didnt have much to do over the weekend.. i... View this Fotopage entry
dady yg multi-talented.. :-)
hanna zulika abu asmara
Latest entry:UIA Convocation
Yeay, uncle Hosni dah grad...My mother was so excited during the ceremony. Congratulation Hosni Mubaraq.. View this Fotopage entry
Nina Kamarina Kamaruddin
Latest entry:New Blog Address
I have moved to Feel free to visit.. :-D View this Fotopage entry
d a lil a s h a
Latest entry:DIL=DIVER!
Took my Diving Licence with Alu Alu Divers Last week! it's was Fantastically awsome!! So the dive club is merrier wif me,sis,sis ct,bro Am & bro Amin...let's plan for nx dive wooot wooot! ;-) View this Fotopage entry
Radzlianda Osman
Latest entry:Oh, I so dearly miss you Papa...
View this Fotopage entry
vErde hAzizi
Latest entry:Alhamdullillah!
alhamdullillah... syukur kehadrat went well...indeed it went well than we expected it will be...alhamdullillah...the surgery took an hour plus to cpmplete instead of 3-4 hours as per planned...yet, the recovery period just after the surgery were much much much longer than we what i did remember while i was in the recovery room, i meracau2 sampai gaduh2 ngan nurses...gaduh pasal ape - am not sure!!!...hahhahha...sian gak nurses tue...hey! am in painnnnnnnnn and under morphin... View this Fotopage entry
yet bring back all d memories to m'sia...safely intact!
lebron james
Latest entry:Projek Tekad Selangor 2005
It's a bit late but just wanna share with my Dekatian the's been a successful Tekad and hope the next one this year will be more successful than this one... coming soon Tekad Penang, Pahang and Kelantan. View this Fotopage entry

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