The auspicious beginning of Baizura & Amin

By: baizura amin

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Tuesday, 7-Sep-2010 13:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gonna miss both of them this raya

I do not want to cry this morning when my in laws left for Umrah. They will be celebrating hari raya in Mekah this year. Alhamdullilah, insyaAllah ada rezeki ma and papa nak beraya and puasa di tanah suci. Dalam hati memang sedih but i just have to be strong. Sometimes, i just feel uncomplete without my beloved parents and parents in laws . Yes, i am spoiled by 4 of them, especially in my currernt condition right now. Tak mampu nak balas jasa and i am so bersyukur that they are bless with good health.

Hubby said mama cried in airport( sebak kut tinggalkan we all raya kat sini) , and papa cool as usual. Pesan jaga rumah and jangan lupa beri ikan makan! Aiyooo sempat tu papa nie. Okay, nanti we all beli lipan and katak for boy ( ikan kelisa) tu k. Dlm flight pun sempat lagi BBM!

Semoga sihat di sana and mendapat berkat dari Allah.

Tuesday, 7-Sep-2010 13:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Due to my 'fragile'condition, stilletos is no-no, only flats. The pink ferragamo flat was only used less than 5 times ( before my feet blotted) due to water retention. 2 criterias for raya shuz this year, comfy (non-slippery sole) and glamour ( bling-bling) to match with my bajus!!

Lucky to find one in Pavillion. The gold sandal with glittery stone. Super comfy!

Tuesday, 7-Sep-2010 12:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Shaz bon voyage + family buka puasa

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Dearest cousin Shaz is off to canada! InsyaAllah, next few years, we gonna have Vet Doc in the family. Her sis, Nad is on her 4th year in medic and axiously chatting her experience delivering babies!

Bon Chance and Bon Voyage! My doa for your success.

Saturday, 15-May-2010 14:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Demam RC

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Hubby and RC mmg tak dpt dipisahkan. Lebih-lebih lagi when my BIL, Azman is here. Gossh, the room dah jadi workshop repair kereta. Maintenance macam jaga keta betul. The house porch turned into mini RC circuit. They even built up tent as a pit stop. So creative!

While the hubbies enjoying their drift, the wives went for retail therapy in Pavillion, together with my BIL, Abg Azhar and 2 nieces, Iman and Qaseh. We had our tea time at Zang Toi's cafe - the signature choc banana cake with fruity tea punch.

What a surprise that all of our hubbies don',t bother nak call, tanyer dah makan ker tak etc..eeesh eeesh esssh..terukkan. Nevertheless, we had fun time and should do this again! Just give us the Amex! Hahahah!

Sunday, 14-Mar-2010 01:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Showcase: Our home

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Alhamdullilah, we nearly done on furnishing the house with 15% over budget, nevertheless we are satisfied on the outcome. With a modern contemporary theme, it was a fun adventure to choose and shop for the soft furnishing. We planned very carefully is designing the living room, as it gives the first impression as we step into our home. The ceiling is 11 feet height , thus lightings is essential to ensure brightness to the room. Bravo to hubby for the good job of the living room I.D. I must admit that hubby has a good taste in choosing the material/ color. The combo of blu-ray player and Byond, makes us glued in the living room most of the time. Due to the average size of our dining hall, we decided to keep it simple with a soft touch of featured wall and crystal lightings. Designing the kitchen is the most challenging. Luckily our kitchen I.D designer able to cope with my 'cerewet' requirement. Of course, kitchen is my territory ! For maintenance free, i chose a 3G arcyrlic material for the cabinet with sold surface profil 60 mm for the table top. The 'soft close' drawers with BLUM hinges add 'ummph' to it. Underneath the sink, a stainless steel dustbin which open/close as we open the cabinet. I do not favor to hack the walls,and we need additional 2 power point. The solution - we equipped the kitchen with Eubiq system. It gives us the flexiblitiy to move the plug.

Syukuran to Allah for the rezeki HE has given to us, to live in a comfort and safe place which we call ~ our home~

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