The auspicious beginning of Baizura & Amin

By: baizura amin

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Sunday, 15-Feb-2009 11:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Malaysian Open 2009

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Sunday is the day to stay at home and be with the family. Today it is rather a special sunny sunday chill'n out with my father in-law @ Saujana Golf & Country Resort.

Good Shot! Birdie! Par! My father in law was quite impressed on my stamina, after walking for 6 hours, i was still doing fine up and down the hills. Being a golfer, Saujana is one of his challenging golf course, i would say that i had the privillage to have better understanding on the game and the course. Hole # 2 is the signature hole in Malaysia, the exact bunkers location and slopes at each hole, etc etc etc.

When we met papa's friends, they had the ? on their faces..okay, " this is my daughter in law". Isssh ada ker ingat i nie girlfriend papa. Funny that they did not recognized eventho most of them came to my wedding reception. I feel like wearing a t-shirt written ' I am the daughter in law' . Hahaha. Well, it was similar situation when i went shopping with Abah too. When, i told them i am the daughter, abah mula laa suka..coz people will compliment how young he looks.

Lunch @ the gallery for the 18th hole was the highlight of the day. Thank you papa for your time and those new golf vocab that you taught me today. I love to watch the game, but never intend to become a golfer. I would rather be amin's lifetime food caddy ( mineral, mentos, sandwich with lots of XOXO, chewing gum and wet tissue). Kan sayang kan?

Sunday, 8-Feb-2009 16:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
counting days to groove with Rihanna

Yeay! Hubby 'izin'kan to join my sister for Rihanna live.

Double yeay! Coz it is time to 'rasmikan' AX top

Monday, 2-Feb-2009 15:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Neige à Brest

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Today states a history where it never snow in Brest:-D ...darl cancel our trip to Alps...hehehehe

Thursday, 29-Jan-2009 14:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
It is sucks but...

Alright, i have been asked on the recent news for the past 2 days. The whole nation is aware of it.Conversation with a captain in the office:

He : How did you cope for the past 2 years, away from hubby
Me : I am a super wife . ( dgn muka selamba sambil buat kerja ).
He : Hahaha. You must be a very sabar lady. My wife had the same experince too.

It sucks sometimes, but i am bersyukur and happy with my marriage. It teaches me to be wiser
and independent.
It sucks when im sick , he is not around, but i am bersyukur i have his doa and support from my family and friends.
It sucks to hear others plan holiday with their spouse for the weekends , but i am bersyukur that i have the liberty to plan EVERY HOLIDAY 4 months in advance. So far, so good
It is sucks that my phone when kaa-poot when i need to hear his voice at nite, but i am bersyukur to be connected via skype
It is sucks to see couple watch movies together, but i am bersyukur to have more than enough monthly allowance for good food , clothes and savings.Ooo not to forget my hair expenses. Well, i am over satisfied with my new look. Worth it:)
It is sucks not to have hubby next to me at nite, but i am bersyukur to get hug from my sister dila while sleeping
It is sucks to cry alone , but i am bersyukur when you call and say " Kita kena selalu bersyukur for what we have. You have a secure job ( 10,000 malaysians were retranched from 1 Jan 2009) and sleep peacefully at night.

I wish that i can take another few months unpaid leave and fly to France

Friday, 23-Jan-2009 16:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Amin is *woot-woot* with his BOLD....

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.....and Barack Obama is using the same tool...

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